Obesity Empowerment Network UK is a non-profit, user led, advocacy organisation, dedicated to empowering people affected by obesity by giving them a public voice.

Our mission is to improve access to healthcare for individuals with obesity, to increase awareness that obesity is a chronic serious medical condition, to advocate for a nationwide obesity prevention and treatment strategies and fight to eliminate weight-bias and discrimination.

THE obesity empowerment network Uk Strategic Plan 2020-2023

OEN UK is delighted to have published the Strategic Plan and invite you to discover the plan. Learn how OEN UK are improving the health and lives of people living with overweight and obesity, and how you can participate and benefit from the Network.

The OEN Strategic Plan 2020-2023 lays out the strategic priorities for OEN UK over the next three years; providing a strong starting point for harnessing the growing Network’s potential to have impact in improving the health and lives of people living with obesity. 

“The Strategic Plan lays out how we will be the go-to organisation through which researchers, policy-makers and those developing services can seek the perspective of people living with obesity; how we will contribute to new initiatives, develop and support campaigns and ultimately achieve better services and support for people with obesity.”

Pinki Sahota, Emeritus Professor in Nutrition and Childhood Obesity at Leeds Beckett University, OEN UK Steering Group member and Trustee for Communications & PR.

As part of the launch we will be posting a blog series which introduces the OEN UK Trustees who have developed the new 3-year Strategic Plan.

Click here to read the blog series.