Why am I being asked to fill in surveys and is it a benefit if I complete them? 

It is always up to you whether you complete a research survey, but there can be benefits either for you or other people if you do. We would advise that you always read the information about the research survey before completing it – this should tell you why the survey is being done and what will be done with your answers. This is important to protect your data. 

These are some of the reasons why it might be a good idea to complete a research survey:
  • To have your voice heard, your experiences are invaluable to influence future learning. 
  • To improve health and social care for others, as well as giving hope for future generations.
  • To learn more about your condition.
  • To help researchers learn important new information that may improve our understanding of health problems and how to manage them.

These are some links to more information about taking part in research from NIHR which is the UK Department of Health research organisation: