Obesity Empowerment Network UK is a non-profit, user led, advocacy organisation, dedicated to empowering people affected by obesity by giving them a public voice.

Our mission is to improve access to healthcare for individuals with obesity, to increase awareness that obesity is a chronic serious medical condition, to advocate for UK-wide obesity prevention and treatment strategies and fight to eliminate weight-bias and discrimination.

The Trustees of OEN UK apply their wide experience of working in this field to set the strategic direction for the Network. The Trustees are delighted to announce The OEN UK Strategic Plan 2020-2023. The plan has been developed collaboratively by professionals and people living with obesity, benefitting from multiple professional perspectives and Champion voices. It sets out how we will further our mission over the next three years.

The Obesity Empowerment Network Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Key strategic themes for 2020-2023:

  • Increasing overall profile
  • Improving communication
  • Improving inclusion
  • Providing transparency


To increase OEN UK’s overall profile, we will:

  1. Increase the numbers of OEN UK champions to at least 30, ensuring diversity and UK-wide geographical coverage.
  2. Support OEN UK Champions through a training programme, resource pack and pastoral support.
  3. Develop an annual programme of meetings including meetings for OEN UK Champions, Trustees, Networking for academics, practitioners and commissioners in obesity within a locality. Rotate venues and include virtual meetings in the programme to maximise regional involvement.
  4. Ensure the OEN UK is promoted at least three obesity related events per year. 
  5. Support World Obesity Day.
  6. Ensure OEN UK comments on national consultations and campaigns relevant to the field of obesity research, practice and policy to ensure patient voice representation.
  7. Form stronger and more consistent relationships with other obesity related professional organisations and meet annually to identify collaborative opportunities.
  8. Provide a clear policy on relationships that may be maintained with commercial organisations.
  9. Identify potential funding sources through current networks. Apply for funding for specific activities e.g. training & resources for Champions, Study day for HCP’s etc.

To improve OEN UK’s communication, we will:

  1. Update and maintain currency of the OEN UK website.
  2. Publish 3 annual newsletters and regular Mailchimp notices to update Champions and members on OEN UK activity and how they can get involved. 
  3. Create and agree a clear policy for engaging with external partners, displayed on the OEN UK website, with each partnership based on a Memorandum of Understanding.
  4. Review with any funding supporters annually and provide meeting notes and actions to trustees.
  5. Ensure streamlined management of all enquiries to the OEN UK.
  6. Plan all OEN UK meetings at least one year ahead to allow for adequate promotion and involvement. 

To improve inclusion in the OEN UK, we will:

  1. Create specific roles for Trustees with clear responsibilities, reporting to the Champions and membership annually through the AGM.
  2. Facilitate Champions and members providing ideas for meetings speaker suggestions to be considered within trustee meetings. 
  3. Highlight consultations on obesity to Champions and members to support their involvement and voice.

To provide transparency for OEN UK, we will:

  1. Post the OEN UK Strategic Plan on the OEN UK website.
  2. Provide the OEN UK mission statement and vision on the OEN UK website. 
  3. Provide an annual review of outcomes within the OEN UK AGM to track progress of the Strategic Plan. 
  4. Communicate to members updates and changes to OEN UK structures, activities and mechanisms as they occur. 
  5. Reassess the OEN UK mission and strategy within the Trustees meeting at the end of this three-year cycle.