Obesity Empowerment Network UK is a charity (registered charity number 1180108), dedicated to giving people affected by obesity a public voice through empowerment.

OEN UK was established in 2015 with a vision for improving the health and lives of people affected by obesity.

Our mission is to improve access to healthcare and treatment for individuals with obesity, to increase awareness that obesity is a chronic serious medical condition, to advocate for nationwide obesity prevention and treatment strategies and fight to eliminate weight-bias and discrimination.

The Obesity Empowerment Network consists of its dedicated Founding Members, strategic Steering Group, Professional Advisors, OEN Champions and OEN membership.


OEN UK is a charity governed by an unpaid board of trustees, which reports to the OEN UK membership annually at the Annual General Meeting. 


OEN UK is a non-profit organisation and is a part of UCLH Charity.
We gratefully acknowledge the unrestricted underwriting of OEN UK’s activities provided by:

Novo Nordisk UK

Acceptance of these funds does not imply endorsement of the donor or its products, services or mission.

Our relationship with UCLH Charity

OEN UK’s financial activities are administered by UCLH Charity. We operate under UCLH Charity’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.