OEN UK is supported by a dedicated Founding Members, a strategic Professional Steering Group, Professional Advisors and OEN Champions, all of whom play a critical role in OEN UK’s success.

Founding Members

{left – right: Rachel Batterham, Maggie Clinton, Jacqueline Doyle}

Professional Steering Group

{left – right:  Maggie Clinton, TINA OSADOLOR, ANN VINCENT, NADYA ISACK, PINKI SAHOTA, Rachel BatterhamJACQUELINE DOYLE, Dimitri Pournaras, SADAF FAROOQI, Helen Parretti}

Professional Advisors

{left – right: Pinki SahotaSadaf FarooqiVinod MenonSarah KirkMars SkaeJonathan ValabhjiNadam Haboubi}
{left – right: Michael Lean, Matthew Capehorn, Maggie Throup, Kirsten Matschull, Julia Keogh, Joe Nadglowski, Jennifer James}
{left – right: Rachel Pryke, Kamal Mahawar, Deborah Christie}

OEN Champions

{left – right: Sharon Newson (North East), Nadya Isack (London and South East), Ann Vincent (Wales)}