Weight Stigma in Employment

Individuals with overweight and obesity face pervasive stigmatisation, social devaluation, and discrimination because of their body size in our society in the UK. OEN UK has launched the ‘Stand Up to Weight Stigma’ campaign to highlight the nature and extent of this discrimination in various different settings and bring change. The first focus of the campaign is the workplace. In this guest post, Dr Zofia Bajorek draws on recent research to highlight the extent of weight-based stigma people with obesity face in employment.

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Expert Panel Discussion: The impact of weight stigma on people with obesity

We are glad to be able to share access to a recent international panel discussion on the hugely important issue of weight stigma. In this panel, four experts in the field present on the impact that weight stigma has on people living with obesity and on funding for scientific research which could develop future treatments.

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An Introduction to the Strategic Plan 2020-2023

The Trustees of OEN UK apply their wide experience of working in the field of obesity to set the strategic direction for the network. In this blog series we meet the Trustees who have developed the OEN UK Strategic Plan 2020-2023. In the first post in the series, Professor Rachel Batterham, founding member and Chair of OEN UK, introduces the new 3-year Strategic Plan.

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