I am John Gregg, a Learning & Organisational Development Manager at Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK). I am a proud Dyslexic and I have worked for various multinationals including Which?, Barclays and BT as well as a host of Education providers. Away from work, I am passionate about removing bullying and empowering people to improve confidence and learn new skills.

I wanted to join OEN as I have struggled with my weight from a young age, and I wish to improve weight related information and to try and eradicate weight bias stigma. I feel OEN is the best place to help achieve this.

Being an OEN Champion is important to me because, as Champions, we act as a voice for people who are largely underrepresented, discriminated against and unsupported in the UK.

I have experienced flaws in the NHS and medical system first hand. I have vast experience in training and learning delivery and feel confident and empowered enough to challenge biases.

I hope that, with the support of passionate advocates and medical professionals, we as Champions can further educate government, universities, medical professionals and the wider public with current research and information. I hope that in time this will help to eradicate weight based stigma and mean that weight/body size becomes a protected characteristic.