Share your perspective: Help to develop a new programme to support teenagers

The charity HENRY are developing a new programme to support young people to have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed in order to live healthy and happy lives. They would like young people aged 11-19 to help them to develop the programme and this is where Hannah, a PhD student, and maybe you, come in…

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Recommendations for Obesity Services

In October The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Obesity undertook an inquiry seeking insights and recommendations that could enhance and support the Government’s new obesity strategy for adults and children. The report following this inquiry has recently launched, making recommendations and suggesting possible next steps for the government as they seek to develop weight management services. OEN UK fully supports the recommendations made in the report. Below is a summary of the report.

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An Introduction to the Strategic Plan 2020-2023

The Trustees of OEN UK apply their wide experience of working in the field of obesity to set the strategic direction for the network. In this blog series we meet the Trustees who have developed the OEN UK Strategic Plan 2020-2023. In the first post in the series, Professor Rachel Batterham, founding member and Chair of OEN UK, introduces the new 3-year Strategic Plan.

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Covid-19 and Children’s Food: Parents’ Priorities for Building Back Better

Make healthy school meals free for all children in poverty, says parents in new Children’s Food Campaign and Food Active research.

As millions more children return to school this week, research with over 750 parents across the UK shows overwhelming support for the Government extending free school meals to all children in poverty, following their experiences of feeding children during lockdown. 

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Public Policy Exchange Webinar Event: ‘Tackling Obesity’

Join OEN UK Champion Ann Vincent and a panel of leaders in academia, business, policy and other third sector organisations for the Round Table Webinar event, ‘Tackling Obesity: Ensuring Preventative, Educational and Treatment Measures Help Address Obesity among Children and Adults’, hosted by Public Policy Exchange.

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