Professor of Human Nutrition, Glasgow University

In his present position, since 1993, Professor Lean has maintained regular clinical NHS medical work and also recruited and established a new university department of Human Nutrition in Glasgow, the only one in a Scottish Medical School, with the benefits of being in a large multidisciplinary University.

It is based on a ‘broad-focus’ strategy toward translational, integrative, research and teaching, encompassing the full range of scientific disciplines within Human Nutrition: basic sciences and epidemiology, clinical studies, and community/population-directed interventions. Outputs have included regular writing for the general public in newspapers and TV for Public Understanding of Science, as well as scientific writing. He and his department have been successful in obtaining research grants from many sources from UK and overseas (EU, Research Councils, Government agencies, Charities and Commercial Companies). Professor Lean is currently Principle Investigator on the biggest research grant ever awarded by Diabetes UK, a project to optimise diet and weight-management for long-term remission of type 2 diabetes.  Parallel work has generated the first scalable low-cost interventions for preventing obesity in young people. He has held consultancy, advisory and advocacy positions with a variety of companies and for governments in several countries.  Human Nutrition at Glasgow established what is now a leading UK and European Masters course (40-50 students per year) and popular PhD training programmes.   He usually co-supervises 5 PhD students, 1-3 graduating each year. Former students and staff now hold professorships in many countries, and many have maintained contact through continued collaborative research.


Declarations of Interests: Consultancy and research support from Novo Nordisk, Orexigen, Cambridge Weight Plan, Counterweight. Shares in Eat Balanced http://www.eatbalanced.com/