Professor of Paediatric and Adolescent Psychology, University College London

Deborah Christie is Professor of paediatric and adolescent psychology and consultant clinical psychologist/clinical lead for paediatric and adolescent psychological medicine at University College London Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust where she has worked since 1998.

She has a passion for working with young people searching for ways to live with chronic illness. Dr Christie has received a number of awards – most recently the Quality in Care Best initiative for young people with diabetes and the Adele Hoffman visiting professorship in adolescent health and medicine. Dr Christie is an international presenter and trainer in motivational and solution focused therapies and works with multidisciplinary teams to help them engage and communicate effectively with children, young people and families living with chronic illness and managing complexity. Dr Christie has published over 100 peer reviewed papers and chapters and is co-editor of a bestselling book Psychosocial aspects of diabetes in children, adolescents and families. Research interests currently include neuropsychological outcomes in children and adolescent survivors of meningitis, quality of life measures in chronic illness, and the development of effective multidisciplinary interventions for diabetes and obesity in children.