Ken has worked around Health Services all of his adult life. He started his career in mental health and general nursing. Having been blessed with many great opportunities his working life has been a source of great joy (mostly). He has been obese since childhood and was brought up in a family where yoyo dieting was the norm. Nearing 40 Ken decided to try to take his obesity seriously and was referred to his local weight management service.

After two years including, dietetics physiotherapist and psychological interventions he was referred for bariatric surgery. On his recovery from surgery he felt moved to set up an information and support site for bariatric surgery patients and their families. This grew from a concept to a huge reality in a short period of time. WLSinfo continues to thrive today via support groups, facebook groups, web presence and a national meeting twice a year.

This led to a career change for Ken and he found himself working as a bariatric specialist nurse for several years. Ken has been a Trustee of both the Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO) and British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society. He also has served as a Trustee in a mental health charity.

Ken has served on many National groups of significance in the Obesity pace in the UK. He was a lay member of the NICE Guideline development group and the Quality Standards Advisory Committee. He was a member of the NHS England Clinical Reference Group for commissioning obesity.He has served on two Health Technology Assessment Groups.

Ken also has a role with Pharma – he is currently a member of the Novo Nordisk Global Disease Experience Expert Panel on obesity – he enjoys working with Parma to improve patient centricity.

Ken is Co-Chair of the European Association for the Study for Obesity Patients Council, he has a lead role on the treatment steering group and is involved with their social media offering, He is actively involved in recruiting new members to the group.

Ken has developed an extensive network of contact by taking part in groups, speaking at and organising conferences. On his free time he is an avid photographer, keen flight sim enthusiast and early adopter of new technologies. He relishes the challenges life has thrown at him.