It is commonly thought that being thin is down to choices – eating choices and activity choices. This has lead to thinness being associated with a kind of personal fortitude or moral superiority and overweight and obesity being associated with personal weakness and moral inferiority. But current scientific understanding does not support this position.

In a recent webinar for the Cambridge Festival 2021 Professor Sadaf Farooqi walks her audience through current research into the genetics behind weight, supported by a live illustration (below).

Professor Farooqi addresses three key questions in her research:

  • Why do some people gain weight more easily than others?
  • How are some people able to stay thin?
  • Can we find better ways to prevent and treat obesity?

Watch the webinar here:

Sadaf Farooqi is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research fellow in Clinical Science, Professor of Metabolism and Medicine at the University of Cambridge and a Consultant physician at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, UK. Sadaf was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2013 and Royal Society Fellow in 2021. Professor Farooqi is a member of the Professional Steering Group for OEN UK.

OEN UK is committed to making obesity prevention and treatment a national priority and removing health inequalities.