World Obesity Day 2020 seems like a lifetime ago. The months in between have been especially difficult for people living with obesity. With World Obesity Day 2021 approaching on the 4th March, we want to draw your attention to the Global Obesity Forum Declaration on Obesity and COVID-19.

This Declaration is inspired by calls from the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development to ‘build back better’ from COVID-19, to improve the health of people and planet.

It reflects a consensus reached at the Global Obesity Forum 2020 and sets out recommendations for immediate action across the obesity spectrum from prevention to treatment, within the context of COVID-19.

OEN UK stands with the Global Obesity Forum in calling for government leaders and policymakers to urgently address the issue of obesity. OEN UK is all too aware that obesity ‘does not receive prioritisation commensurate with its prevalence and impact’ in the UK. This needs to change.

OEN UK strongly supports the Declaration’s ROOTS framework for immediate action. We urgently need the integrated, equitable, comprehensive and person-centred approach which the framework outlines to address obesity in the UK.

We invite all healthcare professionals, researchers working in health, professionals in the media, policymakers and members of the public to develop their understanding of action that people with obesity and professionals working in the field are asking for by reading this Declaration.

OEN UK is committed to making obesity prevention and treatment a national priority and removing health inequalities.