Join OEN UK Champion Ann Vincent and a panel of leaders in academia, business, policy and other third sector organisations for the Round Table Webinar event, ‘Tackling Obesity: Ensuring Preventative, Educational and Treatment Measures Help Address Obesity among Children and Adults’, hosted by Public Policy Exchange.

The UK Government has recently made ‘Tackling Obesity’ a national priority.

The causes of obesity are complex. ‘Tackling Obesity’ on a national level will necessarily need to involve a long-term approach which appreciates the social, economic, environmental and psychological factors and how these interact with biology to cause a multi-faceted health problem.

The webinar will provide a forum for analysing the evolving nature of the crisis, examining government proposals to tackle obesity, considering what further actions could be introduced to ensure adequate strategies are in place at local and national levels; and provide a space for collaborative efforts amongst various stakeholders.

OEN UK Champion Ann Vincent will be presenting on the part stigma, discrimination and prejudice plays in the obesity debate.

Webinar details:

Thursday 3rd September 2020, 9:30am – 1:00pm.

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OEN UK is proud to proactively ensure that the voice of those affected by obesity is heard and at the forefront of obesity related research and policy. Find out more about the Network here.