Join Professor Rachel Batterham, Founding Member and Chair of OEN UK, and OEN UK Champions Nadya Isack and Ann Vincent at the upcoming ASO webinar to consider the topic of Obesity and Stigma.

The upcoming Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO) webinar on Obesity and Stigma features speakers and panellists from OEN UK.

The speaker line-up includes medical experts from Canada, USA and UK alongside patient perspectives.

Professor Rachel Batterham, OEN UK Founding Member and Chair, and Champions, Ann Vincent and Nadya Isack will be speaking, and participating in the panel discussion. 

The webinar is on Thursday 27th August, 18:00 – 19.30.

Topics include:

  • ‘Recognising the biological basis of obesity – key to de-stigmatising obesity’ 
  • ‘Health Consequences of Weight Stigma: Implications for Obesity Prevention and Treatment’
  • ‘Living with obesity: patient perspective’

It is a free event open to all. Simply register with ASO for the event. 
You can find out more and register for the webinar here.