Obesity Empowerment Network UK Champion Angela Chesworth recently spoke to Alex Hall from The Daily Telegraph.

Angela expressed her support for Boris Johnson’s New Obesity Strategy and requested The Prime Minster to address Obesity with a whole system approach, including access to effective treatment such as Bariatric Surgery. 

“Some people think I ‘cheated’ my way to a new body – but bariatric surgery is no quick fix”

After years of battling with her weight, Angela underwent a gastric bypass operation which saw her drop 12 stone in a year. 6 years post-surgery she is living a happy healthier life. 

Angela highlighted,

“Covid-19 has been a scary time for everyone, we have had to listen to the scientific evidence and act accordingly to protect the population.

People living with Obesity are part of the high-risk group. 

It’s time for our Government to be brave and address the complexities of Obesity by listening to the scientific evidence that recognises Obesity as a Complex, Chronic, Multifactorial Disease”

To hear more of Angela’s lived experience as a person living with obesity, watch Angela’s recent video here.

Angela Chesworth is a Champion for OEN UK.