We are thrilled to share the news that our friends at Food Active have re-launched their Healthy Weight Declaration. The declaration aims to support local authorities and other partner organisations in adopting a systems level approach to supporting healthy weight.

So far, twenty-three local authorities across England have adopted the HWD, and more are currently working through the process. Positive change in policy and practice have been seen in the areas of “planning applications for hot food takeaways, procurement and vending, availability of free water, health and wellbeing campaigns and the support of staff and residents to eat well and be active, among others.” 

As outlined on the Food Active website, the following updates to the previous iteration have been developed after six months of consultation:

  • Updated commitments – from 14 to 16 – taking into account agendas such as climate change, ‘place-based’ approaches, blue and green infrastructure.
  • New logo and artwork.
  • New support pack with updated evidence base, including a range of case studies from local authority adopters.
  • Joint narrative with Public Health England to outline how the HWD and Whole Systems Approach to Obesity can work in synergy.
  • Audit and check tool.
  • Departmental briefings ranging from housing, to highways to procurement.
  • Communications support including social media assets and advice and guidance on encouraging stigma-free communications.

Members of the Food Active network can access the resource by logging in to the HWD resource Hub. 

Non-members from local authority public health teams can get in touch with Food Active via their website.

The executive summary is available for anyone to download here.

The Healthy Weight Declaration is informed by OEN UK Steering Group Member Professor Pinki Sahota‘s work on Whole Systems Approaches to Obesity.