At this successful event patient organisations, healthcare professionals, researchers and funders came together to raise awareness of obesity, highlight that obesity has many complex causes and the importance of eliminating weight stigma. It included talks from patients living with obesity and expert healthcare professionals with opportunities to ask questions.

The event included contributions from Obesity Empowerment Network (OEN) Champions, Jenny Rosborough (Jamie Oliver Ltd), Andre Goddard, President of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), Dr Chris Van Tullekan (Operation Ouch).



Rachel Batterham, Professor of Obesity, Diabetes & Endocrinology and Chair of OEN hosted the event and commented, “how utterly proud I am of our OEN UK Champions empowering voice this week. The voice our champions made everyone there listen not only with their ears but with their hearts. and I have no doubt empowered members of the audience who were living with obesity or have relatives/friends who are to seek support as well as educated healthcare professionals”.


Nadya Isaac, OEN champion reflected that it was “an inspiring and motivational day. 4 OEN champions were on stage reiterating the fact that Obesity is a complex disease and that the narrative of “eat less and move More” is stigmatizing and completely incorrect as a treatment method”.

Nadya felt that by speaking openly about obesity in a positive and compassionate way, OEN Champions were able to educate and inform the public about living with obesity and the measures that are being taken to raise the awareness of this disease.

Paul, Angela and OEN

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