By Maggie Clinton, Obesity Empowerment Network UK Champion and Trustee

I am so honoured and excited at the prospect of being involved in events recognising the importance to developing a united worldwide approach to reducing the prejudice and stigma associated with obesity.

I submitted some personal reflections about two painful experiences I have had in relation to employment. These appear to have caught the attention of a number of newspapers and TV channels. As a result I gave a telephone interview to the Daily Express and had face-to-face interviews for BBC1 breakfast show and Sky news. I made sure that I mentioned Obesity Empowerment Network UK and I really hope that this part is not edited out. I want to get the message that OEN UK is a voice for people affected by overweight and obesity who want to improve.

Delegates have come from all around the world and it is fair to say that the majority have suffered from stigma and prejudice because of their size and weight. There are 20 patient representatives, speakers from patients groups and expert speakers and facilitators from World Obesity Federation.

The summit has a number of aims but in the main it is about the importance of the patient voice, advocacy and directly influencing policy-makers globally.

Tomorrow is a full day with a number of working groups looking at how to engage people living with obesity. I am particularly looking forward to the training session focusing upon engaging with policy-makers. There will be so much more to tell you in my next blog.

I am so proud of how far OEN UK has come from the first meeting back in October 2015. Many of the delegates know who we are and those that don’t, they want to know how we have come so far in such a short time. The answer of course is easy.

Maggie’s OEN’s recipe:

  • A solid foundation of professionals.
  • A large spoonful of champions.
  • A consistent flow of commitment.
  • A growing confidence to speak and be heard.
  • Peeling off the shame.
  • A large dollop of self-belief and empowerment.
  • Improved access and equity of services for all.

Nothing about us without us

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