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Obesity Empowerment Network (OEN) Supporters

Our supporters scheme offers a way for individuals affected by obesity, their families / carers and health care professionals to formally mark their support of OEN. We will ask potential supporters to complete an online or paper questionnaire and allow us to contact you on a regular basis. We will never reveal your details to a third party and we will never send you unsolicited email without your permission. We have the facilities available for people to make a voluntary donation towards the cost of running OEN.

For those who would like to take their involvement with OEN to the next level we offer a series of solutions based on your situation.

If you would like to register you details as a supporter of The Obesity Empowerment Network please complete this form with your information and we will be in touch with you.

OEN Champions

This role offers an opportunity for individual affected by obesity, their families/carers and health care professionals to formally mark their support for OEN-UK.

An Obesity Champion for OEN UK might be involved with the following activities:

  • Lobbying in parliament (UK, Scotland or EU) or helping other people affected by overweight or obesity do the same
  • Involvement with NICE (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence)
  • Involvement with NHS England or CCGs regarding provision of weight management services
  • Working with NHS trusts in relation to provision of obesity services. 
  • Involvement in research with leading health research institutes
  • Representing OEN UK at events across the UK and in the media

The application process:

Being an obesity champion is an important and responsible position and therefore we have a selection process. We feel that this process is important to ensure that we only offer the role to people who can demonstrate that they would support and protect the organisation and its aims.

If you wish to apply for this role, please email Jackie is one of the founding members and is part of the group’s leadership board. She will arrange to talk with you over the phone and arrange for a further telephone interview with at least one of the other founding members.

We will make every effort to ensure that this interview is relaxed and friendly, so please do not let this process put you off.
If accepted the role will be offered to you for three months initially, subject to you obtaining a DBS check, references and signing the code of conduct agreement (see below). If you are unfamiliar with the DBS process or are unsure as to who can provide a reference, we would be happy to support you through this process. If, after this three months, both you and OEN-UK are happy to continue, you will be offered the role on a more permanent basis.

Our commitment to you:

When you are accepted for this role, we will ask you to give us some brief details about yourself for our website. This would be information that you have supplied to us and are happy to be in the public domain. This information is supplied at your own risk and OEN UK cannot take responsibility for how others respond or use these details. However, OEN UK would never send any additional information about you a third party without your permission. Induction training and ongoing support will be offered to assist you in this role.


It is often helpful to specify a code of conduct to outline expectations in order to enable people to participate in a safe and friendly environment.

We agree that in all interactions (face to face meetings, email or other ICT communication) with other members of the group, member of the public or stake-holders with whom we may be working on behalf of OEN UK, we will:

  1. Behave with each other in a respectful, empathetic and polite manner, even in times of disagreement. We will not raise our voices or behave in a threatening manner
  2. Respect our differences, and where necessary, challenge the statement not the person.
  3. Listen to others and be aware of times when we might be dominating the conversation or talking over others.
  4. Respect confidentiality. No identifying or sensitive information about group members, their personal information, or the projects on which we are working should be shared with others beyond the group. 
  5. Be aware of communication (email/telephone) that is outside of usual working hours/patterns. If this needs to happen the person making the contact should check that this is appropriate and acceptable to the person they are contacting. 
  6. Perform all tasks agreed in between meetings or let the board know in advance
  7. Avoid personal beliefs resulting in discrimination against others on the grounds of age, sexual orientation, class, religion or issues of “difference”
  8. Represent the views of OEN UK rather than personal beliefs when working or speaking on behalf of the Network
  9. Not undertake activities of the group whilst under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances
  10. Not engage in illegal activities or activities which could adversely affect the credibility and reputation of the group. 
  11. Declare any potential conflicts of interest e.g. when we are serving on other boards, or engaging in other activities relating to obesity, paid or unpaid that are not related to activities agreed by the group.
  12. Respect health and safety directives or premises in which working.
  13. Not act in a way that could defame OEN UK or UCLH Charities or bring them into disrepute. 
  14. Request support or advice from the leadership board if it appears that the code of conduct is being broken or may be broken.

OEN Professional Advisors

Health care professionals or academics who wish to support OEN can make an application to be professional supporters. In return for a donation we offer access to OEN services and dissemination networks.

OEN Industry and Institutional Supporters

We welcome enquiries from Industry and Institutions to discuss unconditional unrestricted grant funding. Please apply via

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