Advocacy and Support

Here at OEN UK, we aim to ensure that people affected by obesity (adults, young people, parents, carers) have their voices heard, know their rights and have the confidence to ensure that they are treated fairly and with dignity. In short, we wish this organisation to be true to its motto “Nothing about us without us”. Ensuring that this happens in practice will be a tall order, given the stigma often attached to issues surrounding overweight and obesity.

Over the past six months, we have been liaising with other patient organisations including the Obesity Action Coalition (COA) in the USA and the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) to understand how they have gone about empowering people with overweight and obesity. Ensuring that people have access to good quality information is one step towards empowerment. Over the next year, we will be seeking funding to develop our advocacy programme, to inspire and support ordinary people affected by overweight and obesity to become advocates for change. One of our founding members, Maggie Clinton, will be taking the lead on this initiative (see her details under the founding members section).

Watch this space for more information!!!! 

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